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printrbot Play V2 & Raspberry Pi ??

PostPosted: 2018-May-Tue-08-May
by novice
The new Play V2 listing @ printrbot shows a Raspberry Pi board attached in the recently posted listing @ printrbot, shortly after a caption to the photo was added stating Pi is not included. I don't believe it is even connected to the F6 board in that pic.

My knowledge of this board is very limited, as I understand it one could add wireless printing and possibly a remote printer camera? Is there anything else this would be useful for? Would it interface with the F6 thru the unused busses currently without pins?

Re: printrbot Play V2 & Raspberry Pi ??

PostPosted: 2018-May-Wed-21-May
by RetireeJay
Apparently the Raspberry Pi connects to the USB port on the Printrboard. See this video, at about 3 minutes in.

Re: printrbot Play V2 & Raspberry Pi ??

PostPosted: 2018-May-Thu-08-May
by novice
Thank you, I probably should have been clearer with the question. Realizing the conventional Raspberry Pi connection is to a printer's external USB port. To me it seems silly to link a Raspberry Pi internally mounted thru an external USB patch cord. The printrbot F6 board has two undedicated busses, could either of those be utilized for that purpose?

Re: printrbot Play V2 & Raspberry Pi ??

PostPosted: 2018-May-Thu-11-May
by ChefScott
Unless I am mistaken the Play is WiFi capable which should mean that the Pi should be able to connect via WiFi to the Play. But the picture on the web site shows an edimax WiFi dongle inserted into the Pi. That adds another layer of confusion as newer models of the Pi have a WiFi chip onboard. I guess it's just a case of printrbot being printrbot. :roll:

Re: printrbot Play V2 & Raspberry Pi ??

PostPosted: 2018-May-Thu-21-May
by RetireeJay
Umm... it seems we talking about the different interfaces here. Computer to Pi, vs Pi to Printrboard. I think the OP was about the latter. And Printrboards up to all the F series don't have WiFi. I believe the G series boards do have WiFi built in, but that's a completely different story.

I don't have a Pi, or a Rev G so I'm somewhat guessing here...

I think that a Pi can connect to your computer by various means - but once you are up and running I think the expectation is that you will use WiFi. In other words, you'd run your slicer on your computer and then use some kind of software to transfer the Gcode file to your Raspberry Pi over a WiFi link.
I think that the standard way to connect the R-Pi to the Printrboard is thru a USB connection. It could be a very short cable.

Why not use this simple, serial port? It's already implemented, that is, all the hardware and software to do it already exist. In fact, the hardware of the Atmel chip implements the USB connection natively. It has more than enough speed to do the job.

To try to connect the Pi to the Printrboard with a parallel connection (in effect, making the Printrboard into a "daughterboard" to the Pi) would involve learning a great deal about arcane details of bit mapping etc. and building a whole new software interface for this parallel connection both on the RPi side and on the Printrboard side.

Since I'm a grizzled old veteran, I'll tell you a story. Back in the late 1970's I was in charge of using what they called a "minicomputer". This was a full-sized 19" rack mounted assembly of very large printed circuit boards. And one of the boards was a special purpose board that accumulated real-world data from various sensors and presented it to the CPU board. The developers of this system had implemented the connection between the data-collection board and the CPU board with a serial connection (2 or 3 wires). When I asked why not use a parallel connection (which seems simpler from a software point of view - get a word at a time all at once), the developers said they'd evaluated the tradeoffs and found that the serial connection was cheaper to build and more than sufficient in performance to get the job done.

Re: printrbot Play V2 & Raspberry Pi ??

PostPosted: 2018-Jun-Tue-07-Jun
by Jimmy McNulty
Thanks for info @RetireeJay, very useful.