Printrbot SM - Heated Bed Flash Firmware??

Printrbot SM - Heated Bed Flash Firmware??

Postby bcrazycramer » 2017-Aug-Sat-00-Aug

I'm trying to hook up my heated bed for the first time. I have the Rev F board. One set of the instructions say if you don't flash the firmware you will ruin it and the other doesn't even mention flashing the firmware. How do I know if I need to flash the firmware? I'm thinking I have the first version but I'd rather be on the safe side and not break my Printrbot Simple Metal if flashing the firmware isn't even required. I did purchase an external power supply.

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Printrbot SM - Heated Bed Flash Firmware??



Re: Printrbot SM - Heated Bed Flash Firmware??

Postby RetireeJay » 2017-Aug-Sat-05-Aug

Consider the source of your information. Where did you see the instruction saying that you'd ruin it if you don't flash new firmware? I can't say for absolutely certain, but it certainly seems extremely, extremely unlikely that Printrbot would have shipped printers that could be damaged by hooking up a heated bed. Did the warning say exactly what would happen?

I can't really imagine any way that the Rev F board itself could be damaged. In the worst case, if the firmware can't control the heated bed, then power to the bed might be on all the time with no control. That would be bad for the bed and your prints. But control for the heated bed has been built into Marlin firmware since before Printrbot existed, and Printrbot didn't write all brand-new code; they just tweaked the code a bit.

However, if the warning you saw was referring to a Rev G board, that's an entirely different matter. It doesn't affect you and your Rev F board at all, but the Rev G board is a totally different package of electronics with totally new and different firmware. Printrbot did do a lot of the code for that one.
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Re: Printrbot SM - Heated Bed Flash Firmware??

Postby Mooselake » 2017-Aug-Tue-19-Aug

Flash early, flash often, is one of those 3D printer myths.

There are legitimate reasons to reflash your board. Firmware update to get new/enhanced/try out the latest stuff, firmware scrambled (dropping power while printing can sometimes cause this. A new board from Printrbot will have the latest firmware (unless they really screwed up, not common), the A to F Printrboard firmware doesn't change very often (think years), and like RJ said heated bed support was in there when my bot came in 2012. Not new... Plus the heater controller (a device called a MOSFET) is either on or off, although the firmware can do this very fast to control the power level. Connecting the bed (assuming it's not defective or broken and shorted, not likely) won't hurt anything - and if it's shorted a firmware reflash won't make a difference.

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