Printrbot Spa Treatment

Printrbot Spa Treatment

Postby Radioman1017 » 2016-May-Sat-16-May

Hello bot'ers!

I thought I would share my experience with the Printrbot Spa Treatment. This is a relatively new program that costs $75 to give your Printrbot Simple Metal a complete makeover. Parts are included in that $75 price. You pay shipping to and from and if you have installed after-market parts, you're out of luck.

My Simple Metal had been showing it's age and mileage. Literally the day before I saw this pop up in the store I wished to my wife that I could send the Printer back and have someone fix it. Next day, I saw the ad and within a week I boxed it up and shipped it back.

Off the top of my head, here were some of the issues that I was noticing:

- horiztonal lines in my prints - (I changed out the Z rod and it got better but it wasn't factory new)
- M212 / M500 commands simply no longer worked despite flashing the rom
- my latest hot end was jammed up but I didn't have a spare nozzle (since I have both a Simple Metal and Metal Plus which uses the same part)
- since I had replaced the hot end a couple of times the screw holes on my extruder motor were stripped

I boxed it up in the original box but didn't have the inside packing. I bought some large bubble wrap and secured it as best as I could. It cost me $15 to ship it each way but I paid for insurance on the return trip.

Printrbot got it on a Wednesday. I waited a week (patiently) then one night while I was streaming some 3D printing on, a guy watching my thread saw my Metal Plus and said "I build about 40 of those a week". Turns out he was from Printrbot and we talked for quite a while. I asked him to check on my printer the next day.

Long story short, it took about three total weeks with all shipping and the shop time.

When I got the box yesterday, I opened it up and saw that they gave me new Printrbot packing so it was nice and secure. I didn't have to send the power supply so there wasn't much else in there. I pulled out my printer and then saw three printed items. These are items that are made, on your printer, after the shop work is done. There was a tug boat, a vase like structure with super-thin walls, and a wall mount reel spool.

My printer itself looked great. I take care of my stuff but I could tell it was nicely cleaned and lubricated. A few things I noticed immediately were some new parts. These were:

- New extruder
- New hot end
- Handle for the top of the printer Z rails (I never had one)
- New stepper motor on the extruder
- *Maybe* a new motherboard. Hard to tell. I know the wires are mine because I had labelled the various connectors when I last upgraded my motherboard to Rev F
- They replaced the power supply connector that I had clipped off when the factory provided laptop powersupply blew up and I went to an Antec 620 watt ATX Power supply.

As near as I can tell, I probably got at least $160 worth of new parts for my $75. I'm starting to test out the printing right now (first few look great!) but I thought I would write up a quick review. The only thing I wish they would have included was a listing of all of the things they did.

This is a very cool service, and I can't stress enough my appreciation to Printrbot for offering it. If you were on the fence, I would highly recommend it.

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Printrbot Spa Treatment



Re: Printrbot Spa Treatment

Postby apz » 2016-Aug-Mon-15-Aug

So they accepted it without the original packaging material? I don't have any of the original packaging. They sell an original box, but shipping for the empty box is over $60 which kind of blows the deal.

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