What does the M105 response mean?

What does the M105 response mean?

Postby lewisd » 2017-Nov-Mon-12-Nov

Hey all,

While sitting here waiting (what feels like forever) for my bed to heat up to 90 (for printing ABS), I was looking at the response to M105:
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ok T:190.0 /190.0 B:87.1 /95.0 T0:190.0 /190.0 T1:90.4 /0.0 T2:93.8 /0.0 @:39 B@:127

I understand that the `T` is the extruder temp (I have it at 190 while I wait for the bed to heat up), and `B` is the bed temp (setting it to 95 seems to make the last bit of warmup go faster), but what are `T0`, `T1`, and `T2`? It seems like they're other temperatures it's reading? They've been slowly climbing as the bed heats up. They seem... rather warm.
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What does the M105 response mean?



Re: What does the M105 response mean?

Postby PxT » 2017-Nov-Tue-16-Nov

Your firmware is configured to support 3 extruders. T0, T1 & T2. Since you (probably) don't have anything hooked up to T1 & T2 those readings are just electrical noise or some other kind of false value. Someone with more knowledge of electronics could probably explain exactly why they read that way.
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