Heater pad leads question.

Heater pad leads question.

Postby dlw » 2017-Mar-Fri-21-Mar

The heater pad has one short lead with a brown connector.
A long lead with raw ends. I know where the long lead goes but not the short one.
The only other connector besides the fan connectors is labeled 'Root'.

Any ideas on how the heater pad connects?

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Heater pad leads question.



Re: Heater pad leads question.

Postby RetireeJay » 2017-Mar-Fri-21-Mar

Looking back at your other post about the main board, I see a red and black pair of wires going to a connector on the right hand end of the board. I think this may be a mistake. On my printer, the wiring from the Hot End heater is red and black; the wiring from its thermistor is white and black. Yours may be different, but check carefully. The Hot End and the Heated Bed both draw significant current, so the Heater connections are both at the left end of the board, adjacent to large (TO-220) MOSFET transistors. The Heated Bed heater on a Rev F board connects with screw terminals, and the Hot End Heater connects to a standard header right next to the screw terminals.

Then, on the right end of the board, there's a connector for the Hot End Thermistor and another connector for the Heated Bed Thermistor. That may be the brown lead you are talking about, although it seems like you may need to find or create an extension for it.

Fundamentally, the Rev F board is an evolution from the Rev D board pictured here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3922. Basically, the arrangement of connectors follows the same pattern. The heated bed connector is now screw terminals and they've added another fan connector. Some things have changed regarding the Z "endstop" switch (different numbered versions of the Ref F board have different options) - but essentially the old Rev D map is a pretty good guide to finding things on the Rev F board.
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