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JONLAWRENCE Y extension "the big parts".

PostPosted: 2015-Apr-Wed-20-Apr
by Vapor
I was needing some parts and thought I'd see if ayone was interested in doing them.

Thing. 372467 Jons extended y.
It would be the "extend plate" and "al extruder mount"

I apparently need a box around my printer or a warmer room. My abs prints are in unpredictable with being brittle.

Let me know if you'd want to do them and how much.

Re: JONLAWRENCE Y extension "the big parts".

PostPosted: 2015-May-Mon-17-May
by TutherJay
Hey Vapor

Is this still hanging, or did someone PM you to tend it? Were you NEEDING it in ABS, or would you consider tglase? I just printed my 1st ever tglase last night (posted pix at /viewtopic.php?f=74&t=5175#p62925) and given the 40% fill and .4mm layers it seems solid as Gibraltar. JY says no support, which negates part of my whining, so - if you're still waiting ? ? ?

By my calc this will take about a third of a roll, which puts the cost of material at about $12, assuming no failed attempts. Since this is not something I could use if you backed out, I'd rather not waste that much tglase just for kix, IYKWIM. OTOH, if this has you hung up to dry, it looks pretty straight forward.

From what part of the country (world?) do you hail? Feel free to PM me if you wish to proceed - I'll postpone taking mine down to integrate that thing in the pix long enough to do these. Oh yeah - which AL extruder did you need - the long or the short of it? ie which hotend do you have?

lemme know