Printrbot simple part needed

If you need a printed part, post here and hopefully someone will oblige. Be sure to post your location (city, state/province, country)

Printrbot simple part needed

Postby bluetape66 » 2013-Nov-Mon-18-Nov

When I was first putting my simple together I was nearing the end of the build processes when I got stuck trying to place the first base plate of the bed on, and started trying to hammer it in. :shock: (please don't look down on me too much, it was late and I was getting frustrated.) This dented then piece but only on one side now the bottom plate has a severe slant in it, and has been giving me a few issues, I was wondering if anyone had a spare piece or could print me one.

I live in Delaware and can pm you my address, sadly I don't have a credit card or a paypal (DAMN YOU AGE! *shakes fist wildly in air) but I could mail you a few dollars!

Part number 2
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Printrbot simple part needed



Re: Printrbot simple part needed

Postby Node7Elec » 2013-Dec-Mon-17-Dec

If it were a smaller part i would happily print it for you but i cannot print parts that big and do not have access to a laser cutter.
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There is always time for another print!

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Re: Printrbot simple part needed

Postby rotus8 » 2014-Jan-Thu-00-Jan

I believe this part will be left over after an XL upgrade. Whenever my kit shows up you can have that piece as I will be building the XL from the start.
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Re: Printrbot simple part needed

Postby evanalmighty » 2014-Feb-Mon-16-Feb

OP if you still need this part I have it. I just bought my Simple and the XL upgrade at the same time so that part isn't needed for my build.
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