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Parts are available for purchase

PostPosted: 2019-Jul-Tue-13-Jul
by drphil3d
If anyone is looking for Parts for their Prinrbot you can contact me phil @ pintrbot com or visit my website, I'm still listing item. I don't have any printrboards.

Re: Parts are available for purchase

PostPosted: 2019-Jul-Tue-16-Jul
by RetireeJay
Phil, you mention having a web site, but it's not obvious how to find it. If the forum doesn't let you post a direct link yet (there's a threshhold number of posts required before you can post links), you can always use spaces or parentheses like MyPrintrbotStore(dot)com

Also, more generally speaking, we have a forum section here called "Marketplace" with a sub-forum for "3D Printing Merchants" which I think would be more appropriate for this post.