replacement nozzles

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replacement nozzles

Postby uncleal » 2017-Feb-Mon-10-Feb

I'm pretty sure this is a stupid question:
I'm having some quality problems on a project with pretty small tolerances, so I want to try some finer nozzles than the 0.4 that came with my Printrbot Plus V2. I got really confused looking for compatible nozzles (I don't know what this printer's extruder is called (UBIS? ceramic? metal?). Scanning the web I found tons of utterly wrong nozzles (with a male tip -- the extruder on my Printrbot Plus V2 has a male end and the nozzle is female -- etc.). Finally found some at that looked right. Turned out the threads don't match.
Can you tell me where to go for nozzles meant for the Printrbot Plus V2?
Thank you!
uncle al
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replacement nozzles



Re: replacement nozzles

Postby RetireeJay » 2017-Feb-Mon-11-Feb
As of 11:30AM (EST) on Monday, 20 Feb they still list at least one 0.3mm nozzle in stock for the original "ceramic" Ubis, but with the discounted price and "not in stock" status of most sizes I'd say they are probably discontinuing the original Ubis nozzles.
You can get 0.3 or 0.2mm nozzles for the Ubis 13.

I don't know if Jerrill is still making nozzles, but this thread viewtopic.php?f=28&t=2584 and this thread viewtopic.php?f=28&t=2755 may be of some help to you.
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Re: replacement nozzles

Postby Mooselake » 2017-Feb-Mon-13-Feb

There's several topics here on making your own original Ubis nozzles from 1/4-20 brass acorn nuts. I've made some with a small metal lathe, but others here have made them with hand held drill motors.

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Re: replacement nozzles

Postby New Passion » 2017-Mar-Thu-19-Mar

It's called the Printrbot Ceramic Ubis. Follow the links RetireeJay posted, If you want to try and make your own here are a couple of video links to help. Do not be intimidated if you want to make your own, it is really easy. I used a combination of the two videos below, I used Jerrils method for rounding the dome and Alans method for drilling the holes. Drill your hole first, then bevel the dome. You will need to order some carbide drill bits in the size you want make your tip ie. .3mm .2mm, these are usually advertised as drill bits for cleaning your hot end nozzle, and they usually come in a pack of 10. ( a word of caution from my own experience, when you start making nozzles with the .2mm drills, you are going to break bits, you will even break a few with .3mm, just remember to slowly advance the bit, it will find dead center like Alan says in the video and stay there, then apply slow pressure, when you see the little brass filings come off, go slow, this is the point your bit will start to generate heat and will break if you go to fast. Good luck. jerrils video Alans Video

Here are also a couple of links for a coated Ceramic Ubis, I know you were looking for smaller than a .4mm, but you may want to check these out. These are a lot better than the plain brass ... 77&sr=8-12 ... bot+nozzle

Here is a brass nozzle that will fit the Ceramic Ubis. I do believe Printrbot may be phasing this hot end out, with the success of the Ubis13s.

http://store.quintessentialuniversalbui ... roduct=132
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