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Thermistor Cable Connector [Source Found]

PostPosted: 2015-Aug-Mon-04-Aug
by rigarashi
Does anybody know the name, part number and source to buy some of this thermistor connector? The wire harness side of the connector is all I need but need 3 at least. That's the one encircled in red. The wire harness cable for the thermistor stressed out and the cable opens intermittently. I need to replace the whole length of the cable. The connector on the printrboard side is quite common, but the hotend side is what Í need. If I can get the name and part number, I can probably find the source on line. Can anybody help?

I'm in Chiba City, Japan (one of the suburban cities of Tokyo).

Re: Thermistor Cable Connector

PostPosted: 2015-Aug-Mon-06-Aug
by RetireeJay
Here you go: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=4567&p=41427#p58954

The whole thread is very informative.

Re: Thermistor Cable Connector

PostPosted: 2015-Aug-Mon-07-Aug
by rigarashi
Bookmarked it... thank you!