Taulman 910 Composite / Bonding Nylon

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Taulman 910 Composite / Bonding Nylon

Postby ishmetot » 2015-May-Tue-21-May

Does anyone have experience printing with Taulman 910?
It's supposed to print similarly to ABS, but with the strength of nylon and low warping like PLA.
I currently have bridge nylon, which produces very strong parts but warps a whole ton and requires tape or some other papery surface to get first layer adhesion. I also have no good way to adhere the pieces together (like acetone with ABS). Any ideas?
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Taulman 910 Composite / Bonding Nylon



Re: Taulman 910 Composite / Bonding Nylon

Postby TutherJay » 2016-Mar-Fri-12-Mar

Well, AAMOF, I just got some this week, and am in the process of rigging slic3r and the pbot+ to give it a whirl for a part that I've been vexed for quite awhile. I was here looking for some comments from users who've forged ahead, but yours was the 1st post I've found on the topic AT ALL.... Pretty jammed today - may not get to this before the also busy weekend, but I WILL return here w/ something of an update. May have some to sell, cheap, too - we shall see.

I THOUGHT that Bridge was the answer when it came out, but through THREE rolls of that stuff I have had so much trouble with its diametric inconsistencies (my 1.75 nominal actually measuring as high as 2.04) that I had to UNDO my Bowman conversion to TRY to use it! Mostly thrown away failed attempts - very few things actually printed successfully, but the few that worked did have some interesting properties.

As for your Bonding question - ironically, this week I came across Taulman's ?new? Nylon GLUE???? Wow - what alchemy could that entail?? Anyway, it's at the very bottom of this page:

http colon whack whack taulman3d dot com whack buy-direct dot html

and, at $22/20 grams had BETTER work like magic. If it does, it will help me solve a tough one I've been unable to print successfully in one piece - with relative EASE. IF.... Certainly going to TRY it! If nothing else, it's bound to be an interesting room freshener or nasal decongestant - one or tuther.

So there you have it - more than you asked for, less than you needed, delicately balanced in a slightly lumpy béchamel sauce.

No charge.

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