Printing in carbon fibre

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Printing in carbon fibre

Postby plexus » 2014-Feb-Wed-23-Feb

3D printing with carbon fibre.
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Printing in carbon fibre



Re: Printing in carbon fibre

Postby DonaldJ » 2014-Feb-Wed-23-Feb

What's weird is that the carbon fibre is in long strands. I wonder how they cut it after it's extruded.

And carbon fibre is usually embedded in epoxy or other resin, so I ask, Huh?

Some crazy plastic voodoo...
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Re: Printing in carbon fibre

Postby ivymike1031 » 2014-Feb-Thu-17-Feb

I imagine they do have to cut the strand ... probably multiple times during printing.

I'm guessing the "resin" is replaced by PLA or nylon with embedded fiber.
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