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Printrbot filament

Postby EpicGoogle » 2013-Dec-Mon-17-Dec

Hi all, I got my Simple for Christmas and used the starter filament which was black for me until yesterday when I tried the Metallic Charcoal Grey I also got but upon trying to print with it I find I'm not getting the same quality prints as with the black PLA. For those of you that use it what settings do you use?
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Printrbot filament



Re: Printrbot filament

Postby eddknapp » 2014-Jan-Mon-12-Jan

I tried printing with the metallic charcoal grey. It started off printing fine. Got through the skirt and then half way through the 1st layer then it seemed like it clogged the nozzle.
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Re: Printrbot filament

Postby Gleedaniel13 » 2014-Feb-Mon-10-Feb

metallic charcoal grey

Maybe that is not a good quality of printing in the long run. I think you can try other alternatives that will lasts in the long run. :)
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Re: Printrbot filament

Postby EddB » 2014-Feb-Mon-15-Feb

I got an lb of metallic grey with my simple (a lighter gray, not black/gray) . The stuff is hard to print with. Several clogs and I had to run it a little hotter (5 degrees) to prevent slow, thin extrusion. I switched between 2 spools of non-metallic colors and the metallic grey (trying to use it up). Had problems each and every time I went to it, switch back and the problems quit.
A lot of the clogs I was able to clear by heating the extruder up to 240, lossening the feed on the extruder and quickly feed 20 mm of filament by hand. You could actually see it "pop" and the feed volume changed when it cleared the clog. A couple times I did have to take the nozzle off and burn off the jammed material
I ran out of it last night (so glad!). I have not had a single jam with the non-metallic colors. So using this sample stuff has really turned me off to metallic colors for now. (at least the gray mettalic!)
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Re: Printrbot filament

Postby DonaldJ » 2014-Feb-Mon-16-Feb

I've had no problems with the Metallic Charcoal (.35mm nozzle).

Usually I print all my PLA at 205C.
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Re: Printrbot filament

Postby REPRAP SQUAD » 2014-Feb-Thu-20-Feb

I love the metallic grey stuff. I find that it's super important to take filament diameter averages everytime I swap colors.
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