Wood glue ratio & gaffers tape question

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Wood glue ratio & gaffers tape question

Postby AlexC » 2013-Jun-Mon-20-Jun

This last weekend i talked to some folks about using watered down wood glue (spread then dried) as a print surface over glass but i didn't think to ask them the mix ratio of water to glue,. did a search and couldn't find anything so asking.

Also, Gaffer tape, has anyone tried it as a print surface? its a cloth based tape similar to duck tape, except its more cloth less plastic, and its made for hot studio lighting so holds up to heat very well, and is for the most part residue free. although i suspect the cloth layer will act as a thermal brier, i am still curious if anyone has tried it, once i get my bots issues sorted out i plan on trying it just to see, i imagine it will be allot better then blue painters tape but that's just a guess so i thought id ask, (search on forum comes up with 0 posts).
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Wood glue ratio & gaffers tape question



Re: Wood glue ratio & gaffers tape question

Postby owens » 2013-Jun-Tue-08-Jun

We haven't tried glue or gaffer's tape, but the discussions I've seen around "PLA juice" always specify that it should be PVAc glue, which in the US we know as Elmer's white glue. Wood glue is different chemistry (though perhaps it would work too). You might have better luck searching for PVA or PVAc glue and PLA.
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Re: Wood glue ratio & gaffers tape question

Postby PxT » 2013-Jun-Tue-17-Jun

White glue (Elmer's) works great if you are printing PLA. I use it at about 5:1 ratio (water:glue) if I remember right. Should be very dilute about the appearance of milk. Just pour a small drop on the pre-heated bed, wipe it around with a paper towel and let it dry. (Only takes a few seconds on a hot bed.)

Print... part should stick very well as long as the bed is hot and pop off perfectly when cool.
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Re: Wood glue ratio & gaffers tape question

Postby Lemm » 2014-Feb-Sat-15-Feb

Today I tested the wood glue. I've seen a video on youtube. And I can say it's really good stuff :D.
I painted a 1:2 wood glue : water mixture on a glass plate let it dry and printed on it. Without a heated bed all parts stick so well, no curling, no warping, without using a brim and so ...

So if you have problems with PLAA and warping try this :)
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Re: Wood glue ratio & gaffers tape question

Postby janggeungulk » 2014-Feb-Mon-03-Feb

We tried only Elmax wood glue adhesive it is useful for both internal and external usage.
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