Anyone printed NinjaFlex with low percent infill?

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Anyone printed NinjaFlex with low percent infill?

Postby RetireeJay » 2016-Oct-Sat-14-Oct

I'm trying to make a cellphone case, and I thought that having 25% infill would be a good idea to give the case better cushioning. But looking at the print right now, as it's just about finishing the last big - supposedly solid - layer of the back of the case, it looks like cottage cheese. I'm pretty sure that I'm extruding OK; in fact I've done some other projects with 100% infill that came out beautiful.

In the process of getting to this point, I tried using a 0.25mm nozzle, but I couldn't get consistent extrusion through it, so I'm using 0.4mm right now. My beautiful NinjaFlex prints were big ones using 0.6 or 0.8mm nozzles. Any ideas out there?

BTW, I've been printing at a very low rate. I keep on lowering the rate and increasing the nozzle temperature and it doesn't seem to help. I've looked at the filament that has passed through the drive teeth, and there are evenly-spaced marks on the filament, with no evidence of slipping. Is it possible that I'm going too slow? That NinjaFlex won't extrude uniformly unless it has a certain amount of pressure in the melting chamber? I know when I extrude some material into the air to prime the nozzle, it's turning MUCH faster than during my print (maybe 10x faster?). Back to double-checking my extruder calibration...
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Anyone printed NinjaFlex with low percent infill?



Re: Anyone printed NinjaFlex with low percent infill?

Postby olendorf » 2016-Oct-Sat-16-Oct

Not sure what infill % I have been using in the past. 25% is my default. I do remember the last ninjaflex item I did was 50% or 60% infill and the solid top layer looked great. On the Simple metal I print at 35mm/s and 235c. To cover those big 25% infill gaps I would think a higher speed would be better.
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Re: Anyone printed NinjaFlex with low percent infill?

Postby ktfergus » 2016-Oct-Sat-18-Oct

Are you using NinjaFlex or Ninja Semiflex? I gave up on Ninjaflex after numerous failed prints & switched to their their semiflex filament. I did a phone case with their orange semiflex a while ago which turned out fine with these settings:


Printing temp: 225
Bed Temp: aprox 60C

Here's the phone case:


I've dropped the phone a number of times & it has also withstood everything that my twin 6 year old boys have subjected it to, so the semiflex provides plenty of protection.

However, since then I've switched to using SainSmart's filaments for my flexible prints. I've been super happy with them. I can print much faster (the same speed as PLA) at about 225C, which cuts the print times in half.


I forgot to mention I use an extruder multiplier of 1.15 with the semiflex.

Also, the sainsmart filament is roughly half the cost of ninjaflex.

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