ABS not Sticking to Supports

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ABS not Sticking to Supports

Postby mark t » 2016-Mar-Mon-19-Mar

I have been printing with a Simple Metal for a few months now and have had great results with PLA. I bought some Hatchbox white ABS and have been having issues with the first and last layers sticking to either the supports or infill. I have tried the nominal settings and have adjusted temps and speeds in both directions. I have a heated kapton-covered standard bed with temp reading on the bed at about 95c taken by IR temp gun. The cooling fan is off through entire print(nominal setting).
There is no issues with getting first layer to stick to the bed, only on supports and top layer.
The only limited success I have had is by doing a grid pattern for supports and at about 75 percent fill which makes it almost impossible to separate the supports from the actual part.

Attached are images I have taken throughout a simple print of a .25" square below a larger square.

Is there something simple i am missing?

Thanks in advance of any advice,


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ABS not Sticking to Supports



Re: ABS not Sticking to Supports

Postby RetireeJay » 2016-Mar-Mon-20-Mar

Even on your first layer, it looks like you are getting inconsistent extrusion: sometimes enough, other times not enough. There are gaps between traces and pieces of traces missing.
There can be several causes of inconsistent extrusion. Maybe your extrusion temperature is a little too low. Maybe you need more (or less) tension on the spring that pushes the filament into the drive gear (hobbed bolt or collar). Maybe the motor is not getting enough power. Maybe the filament itself is not consistent in its diameter. And so on.

Try raising the printhead above the bed by 30mm and using the "manual extrude" button on your user interface. Extruding 10 or 20mm, several times in a row, look for the actual amount extruded each time. If the motion isn't consistent, start exploring.
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