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Protoparadigm Special

Postby Mooselake » 2016-Feb-Thu-12-Feb

Been a while since anybody's used this subforum.

Protopardigm (you know, the guys with the KS magnetic filament problem) has a $5/mini spool PLA special. They use a 3D printed wireframe spool, and give you about a half a pound of filament for $5, plus $1.99 per order shipping. The colors have cutesy names, they had me at Moose Brown. Picked up some others in short supply in the mini-filament stash - white, blue, and black. Now I could print a blue eyed moose with black hooves standing in the snow, if I really wanted to.

As a public service by the Mooselake Development Labs and Caffeine Testing Facility I risked $20 so you won't have to. Reviews to follow. It's only 1.75, so it'll go in the Thingybot supply chest next June when the KCSP returns to full 3.0 glory. Or the trash, we'll see if the KS problems have spilled over into their other products.

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Protoparadigm Special



Re: Protoparadigm Special

Postby mdfast1 » 2016-Feb-Sat-20-Feb

I also picked up two rolls of the $5 filament. We shall see how it goes.
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