Polymaker Polyflex on a PEI Bed

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Polymaker Polyflex on a PEI Bed

Postby JonS » 2015-Aug-Tue-16-Aug

I finally had a something I needed to print with a flexible filament, so I decided to use my Polymaker Polyflex that I've had since their Kickstarter campaign last year. Previously I'd only printed a calibration part on my old Jr with painter's tape. This time I was printing on PEI on my Metal Plus.

It printed quite well, with a little bit of stringing, but when I came to take it off the bed it would not come off! I tried heating the bed back up, chilling it with freezer spray, but while I had manage to peel off a corner withing a pallet knife it just didn't want to come unstuck. Eventually I had to destroy the part, as the adhesion of the first layer to the PEI was stronger than the inter-layer adhesion (which wasn't low). It then took me probably 20 mins to gradually peel and scrape off the first layer from the bed, bit by bit.

I'm re-printing using normal PLA for the first few layers. That's fine for this particular part, but is probably not a general solution.

A raft might help. Although the adhesion will still be strong. I might also try a layer of PVA glue.

In any case, if you are using PEI for your bed (an excellent choice), be careful using Polyflex.
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Polymaker Polyflex on a PEI Bed



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