Where is CL1?

Where is CL1?

Postby plexus » 2016-Jun-Tue-17-Jun

Remember this guy CL1?

He was an early member here and posted over 800 posts in his short few months on the forum. I remember his posts were a wealth of information as we all ramped up with our Kickstarter bots. Printrbot too was ramping up... slowly. :)

I remember CL1 was pretty opinionated but his stuff was very helpful and seemed on the money. Someone associated with PB told me that they knew him and he was a bit of a scoundrel and surmised some legal problems. who knows.

For some of you newer people you might want to check out CL1's posts, just to get a sense of what the early days of PB were like - a lot of CL1 posted might also be of interest and relevant to your printers as the principals are the same.

CL1's posts
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Where is CL1?



Re: Where is CL1?

Postby Mooselake » 2016-Jun-Tue-19-Jun

I learned a lot from CL1's posts, including the difference between rolling and tick-tock. Sorry he's gone. Well worth reading.

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Re: Where is CL1?

Postby RetireeJay » 2016-Jun-Tue-19-Jun

I guess I joined the forum just about the time he was leaving, because I didn't remember seeing his posts before.

Clearly he was/is a mechanical engineer with quite a bit of knowledge about precision parts and how to use them. You are right that his expertise is missed. I'm an electronics guy who dabbles in mechanics and software; we have others who are very strong in software, but I haven't noticed anyone particularly active recently who is as forthcoming with mechanical expertise as CL1.
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