Moose Grandbaby!

Moose Grandbaby!

Postby Mooselake » 2018-Feb-Wed-14-Feb

My oldest daughter had a 7#8 baby girl Monday, Mrs. Moose is out there teaching all that secret new mom stuff while I'm keeping the fires going and tending to the recently de-heartwormed dog.

The baby is slightly jaundiced (not unusual) and getting UV treatments but otherwise everybody's doing great. No antlers on girl moose.

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Moose Grandbaby!



Re: Moose Grandbaby!

Postby RetireeJay » 2018-Feb-Wed-14-Feb

Congrats! Welcome to the club.
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Re: Moose Grandbaby!

Postby mdfast1 » 2018-Feb-Wed-16-Feb

Congrats grandpa moose! Enjoy
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Re: Moose Grandbaby!

Postby cbxbiker61 » 2018-Feb-Wed-18-Feb

Congratulations! Enjoy it.
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Waiting for printbed temp...
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