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Belt Buckles

Postby Radioman1017 » 2015-Feb-Fri-10-Feb

Hello Printr-Friends,

I'm working on a belt buckle for my daughter's cosplay, and I'm having trouble getting it pliable enough to be able to bend for the "click". Here's a pic of my WIP.


I'm currently using PLA and wondering if ABS would be softer and more pliable. I've tried adding a notch at the tabs bases but they just snap. I've removed the center tine and the notches but the tabs are still too stiff.

Has anyone done this or have any advice?

Thanks in advance!

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Belt Buckles



Re: Belt Buckles

Postby RetireeJay » 2015-Feb-Fri-10-Feb

Nylon might be a good choice. It's moderately flexible and very resistant to breaking. viewtopic.php?f=74&t=5286

Also, looking at your design, do you think you could get away with smaller locking tabs?

There seems to be a place where you intend to make kind of a "hinge" - but you are using a Vee notch. From an engineering standpoint, you create a huge stress concentration when you have a Vee notch. It would be better for that zone to have a rounded shape instead of a sharp point. In fact, you can make the thin portion of your arm there longer to get a softer, more flexible spring.
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Re: Belt Buckles

Postby MartyS » 2015-Feb-Fri-11-Feb

Try simply making the entire length of the tabs more narrow, you'll have to experiment with now narrow you can go to keep them from breaking but still be strong enough.
FYI: cutting a notch basically reduces the strength of a beam down to the width of the most narrow area, so all that width is wasted when you cut the notch.

Also as suggested above try smaller tabs so the PLA doesn't have to bend as much.
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