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PLEASE READ: No new members

PostPosted: 2019-Oct-Sat-17-Oct
by RetireeJay
With the demise of Printrbot, traffic on this forum has diminished significantly.

However, attacks by bots wanting to place advertisements for questionable and even nefarious products have not diminished. So several months ago the forum administration decided to no longer allow registration for forum membership based on simply passing a "Captcha" test. Instead, potential members had to apply for membership, which sent an email to forum administrators. In turn, the administrators (meaning me) would apply several screening checks and if those were passed, would ask the potential user to describe their interest in Printrbot 3D printers. No more than half replied positively to this information request. And the ratio of real legitimate requests to fake or malicious requests has only gotten worse in recent weeks. This imposes a work burden which is unsustainable.

So the administration has reached the decision to close the forum to new members. Anyone with an Internet connection can browse the forum and even do Searches. There is an enormous wealth of information here in the forum. But without registration, they will not be able to post questions.

This decision to close the forum to new members is also based in part on evolving trends in social media. Specifically, Facebook has an active forum for Printrbot users which now sees more traffic than So we have not left Printrbot owners without a resource for asking questions.


Re: PLEASE READ: No new members

PostPosted: 2019-Oct-Sat-11-Oct
by plexus
If you want an account on this forum you can email me at admin a. t printrbottalk com and I can set it up for you.