Issue with the tops of prints

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Issue with the tops of prints

Postby erickq » 2015-Jun-Tue-23-Jun

I have a simple metal and all my prints are having issues with their respective tops. Either they finish with huge patches, bubbles, or globs of filament. I'm not sure what is causing this.

I also notice that the hot end tends to drag some of the filament around during these times or while it's doing some of the in fill.
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Issue with the tops of prints



Re: Issue with the tops of prints

Postby j.fordham83 » 2015-Jun-Wed-05-Jun

First picture looks like not enough top layers? How many did you ask for?

Second picture looks like your trying to lay down top layers on a 0% infill cube?

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Re: Issue with the tops of prints

Postby yellow » 2015-Jun-Wed-07-Jun

I have the same observations as j.fordham. If you are using cura, look under the fill section at the bottom/top thickness (mm) setting. my current settings have my layer height at 0.2 with a bottom/top thickness of 0.8. That means it will lay down 4 solid layers on the bottom and the top. If I were to put my bottom/top thickness down to 0.4, I would probably have similar results to your first picture.

I also had the same issue with the nozzle dragging, which I was told is called bulldozing. You are going to want to change your Z axis to fix that issue.

As far as "globs", I had that on some of my early prints, but it was fixed by lowering the temperature. Are you using the standard 210C, or have you played with it. When I received my simple metal, i found that the printing temperature for the clear filament that came with it should be around 198C for me. This does not mean that this temperature would be perfect for you, but play around with it a bit on some small models and see if you get better results.
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