cnc machine diagonal motion

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cnc machine diagonal motion

Postby arshia » 2014-Aug-Tue-11-Aug

hi every1 !!! i am making my own 2 axis cnc machine.....i am usin G00 command like we take an example


so according to this statement our both motors (motor x and motor y ) will move simultaneously so that there will be a diagonal motion of the tool ..........and the angle of that diagonal path will depend on the speed of the motor x and motor y.if both motors will have same speed and same direction then the angle of diagonal path would be 45 degree bt if different then the angle would be other than 45 degree.

i wanna ask a question that what would be the relation(formula) between the speed of motor x and motor y and the angle of diagonal path.i need a general formula.

plz help me out!!
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cnc machine diagonal motion



Re: cnc machine diagonal motion

Postby RetireeJay » 2014-Aug-Tue-11-Aug

Let's say you have set a print speed of 50mm/sec.

If the straight-line path from your current location to the ending location of your move is 50mm long, then the move will take 1 second (ignoring for the moment the fact that acceleration limits how fast you can reach 50mm/sec and how fast you can slow down from 50mm/sec to 0).

So this is a vector in the X-Y plane whose length is 50mm, and it will take 1 second to traverse this vector.

Let's take a simple trigonometric case. Your X displacement is 30mm and your Y displacement is 40mm (the classic 3 by 4 by 5 right triangle).
So now your X axis will move 30mm in 1 second, and your Y axis will move 40mm in 1 second.

I know I didn't give you an equation, but I explained the principle. If you are writing your own firmware, you will need to include not only the vector geometry of the move, but also the acceleration that the machine can use. In the Printrbot, the firmware examines every move, and if necessary limits the speed of ALL motors (X, Y, Z, and E) to whichever axis is the limiting (slowest) one for that particular move (particularly evident when there is a Z motion included in the command).
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