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Postby BrendanPlott » 2014-Jul-Thu-11-Jul

Hey guys i just got my printrbot simple metal and i got everything set up but now when i slice my stl file and press print no fillament comes out. I do not think this is a clog because when i press the extrude button in rep. host it comes out perfect. Please tell me what is up i wanna print!!!
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Re: Cloged?

Postby Mooselake » 2014-Jul-Thu-12-Jul

Did you wait for the extruder to heat up? Forget to put a temperature, or too high a temperature, in the slicer configuration? Put in a bed temperature and you don't have a heated bed? Any messages in the Repetier-Host log?

What happens? Does it home and stop? Your axis move, but the extruder doesn't turn? The extruder turns, but nothing comes out?

We need a bit more information.

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