My First Print Attempt

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My First Print Attempt

Postby BCox5351 » 2014-Jun-Tue-12-Jun

I received a Prntrbot+ for Christmas of 2012. I went through the assembly which at the time, I found
to be very difficult. The reasons for the problems was a lack of valid directions. It's rather late
to complain but next time I will know what I'm getting into. As for a first print, like many others, it
was less than impressive. My first attempt was a Chess piece, a Rook to be specific. The general shape
was there but the detail was very poor. The item was supposed to look like a castle but what I got
was kind of a tower. I was so disappointed that I put the printer away for almost a year.
When I finally took the printer back out, I went over it from stem to stern and corrected a few
assembly problems. What I found was that most of my problems came from software adjustments.
After a bunch of reading and a lot of careful adjustment, I now have a printer that prints great. I don't
wish to target a manufacturer but the quality of the Printrbot+ still leaves a lot to be desired. If you
like to tinker and improve things then this is the printer for you. If you want to print soon, I suggest
you add about 3 or 4 hundred dollars to the price tag and look at some other unit.
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My First Print Attempt



Re: My First Print Attempt

Postby Michele31415 » 2014-Jun-Wed-23-Jun

Well IMNSHO, 3-D printing is about where PC's were back in the days of the Altair and Imsai. Some people like pushing IC's into sockets, flipping switches to load registers and watch blinking lights, other just want to run programs. The Printrbot+ is actually capable of making some very excellent prints, just not right out of the box.

And I sure hope they've improved the instructions because back in 2012, they were a bad joke. 80% of the assembly time was used in trying to figure out what to do with all the pieces and in what order.
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