My first prints (metal Simple) with a stainless steel bed :D

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My first prints (metal Simple) with a stainless steel bed :D

Postby JBallard86 » 2014-May-Mon-17-May

here are my 2nd/5th prints.

Printbot simple metal
my own gcode using newest Slic3r.
Im thinking of turning up the heat a little, adjust the print start height, and slow down the feed rates (slic3r was at 65mm/s from my other printer)

And encase your wondering I dont like printing on tape, It always warps for me, so I didnt even try it. I cut out a piece of 14g stainless roughed up one side with 36 grit sandpaper, added slots to bolt it down, gave it an hour in the ultrasonic cleaner to get the old protective film off it, then added 4-5 layers of cheap hairspray. works perfectly.

I assembled the printer, for the most part was really easy, took about 3-4 hours tops, flashed the firmware, and off I went. The Z axis probe is extraordinarily awesome!


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My first prints (metal Simple) with a stainless steel bed :D



Re: My first prints (metal Simple) with a stainless steel be

Postby Jptank123 » 2014-May-Thu-22-May

Hey, those prints look so much better than my first print. I am brand new to 3D printing, and i can't find anywhere that tells me the settings I need to have for each sub index for the slicer. What do you recommend, because your parts look amazing!
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