New Printer, first print, first post!

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New Printer, first print, first post!

Postby Zwierdo » 2014-Apr-Wed-14-Apr

I finished the assembly on my new Printrbot Simple on Monday night, and figured that calibration would take several days. Well, I completed it in mere minutes last night, so I decided to give her a whirl. I started with a 1" x 1" square (Using inches because that's the calipers that I own), and it was only very slightly off. So, I decided to print off one of the parts for the Y-Axis GT2 upgrade. It went so well, that I decided to print the remaining four parts in one go. I got some edge lifting on the first print, but warmed the bed up with a heat gun, and that solved the problem right quick. (In fact, my parts are sticking almost too well to the bed, as I'm ripping up the tape with the parts at the moment).

All in all, a great first night of printing! Thank you for all of this wonderful knowledge that I gained by reading up on this forum beforehand!
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New Printer, first print, first post!



Re: New Printer, first print, first post!

Postby evanalmighty » 2014-Apr-Wed-15-Apr

Sticking too well is better than having a warped part. Blue tape is relatively cheap so don't feel bad if you have to replace the tape after every print. It's not the end of the world. From the pictures it looks like you're printing a little too hot or your retraction setting is not high enough. You should not see all those tiny little strings like that. Other than that the prints look good. You made the right choice to print those GT2 parts while the strings are still good.
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