First problems, then success!

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First problems, then success!

Postby chuckularone » 2014-Feb-Wed-11-Feb

I own a printrbot simple 2014

When I started printing the media would simply not stick to the printer bed. I tried everything. The outlines would stick, but the infill just gobbed up. Yesterday I decided to redo my calibration from scratch. At this point I found that a wire from one of the servos was getting pinched between the Y,Z carriage and the base of the printer. This was causing the print head to skew to one side. When I discovered it I was both annoyed at myself and quite happy I found the problem. It's been smooth sailing ever since.


Now to stop the edges from lifting off of the printing surface.
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First problems, then success!



Re: First problems, then success!

Postby spitfirehauser » 2014-Feb-Thu-13-Feb

your print looks great now but its VERY smashed in the X direction. you should verify your calibration. mine was much longer then tall and the jaws were closer together. but the quality looks awesome
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Steve Hauser
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Re: First problems, then success!

Postby evanalmighty » 2014-Feb-Thu-13-Feb

I think it looks smashed because he printed a modified version of mr. jaw. Not the original version.
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Re: First problems, then success!

Postby Hadesblue » 2014-Feb-Thu-21-Feb

The eye is a perfect circle so calibration looks good. It must be a different version of MR Jaws.
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