Rev F5 Board on LC v1

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Rev F5 Board on LC v1

Postby ecpunk » 2015-Nov-Mon-00-Nov

As some of you may remember, I lost my rev d board, and bought a new atmel chip for it. I put the new chip on, and may have had a tiny solder bridge :). Anyway, I needed to print something, so I bought a new rev f board.

I found a firmware which works, put the pull down resistor in for the end stop, etc. First print went really well. This printer hasn't been used in a while, and it needs some new parts printed. Anyway, questions...

I used Slic3r. Which fill pattern is this? I had an issue with the Y pull slipping, which caused the weird edge issues you can see.

Larger prints like this 40x40mm cube are great (I had to fix the M92 or whichever setting compensates the steppers). Smaller prints, like filament drive gears... not so much. Anyone have general advice for more intricate work? Do you use a different profile for smaller stuff vs a box/case for a raspberry pi?

Hopefully something I wrote was coherent... long day :)


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Rev F5 Board on LC v1



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