Metal Simple

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Metal Simple

Postby ArmorTheEarth » 2015-Jun-Mon-19-Jun

Hi everyone! Just set up my Metal Simple today. I'm printing with T-PLA 1.75mm I built myself a spool holder out of PVC pipes, it seems to work OK.

I downloaded Repetier V1.0.6. and I've printed 3 objects with it so far. I did also download CURA 15.04 but haven't tried it yet.

For my first print I covered the bed in blue painters tape, loaded a file from Thingiverse Iron Man Statue (With Support) by SumboDesign, published Jun 28, 2015

I used the slicer in Repetier and was super surprised it said it would only take 1 hour and 8 minutes to print!

I held my breath and hit print. Everything started out great, but halfway through the model broke at the knees and fell over.

I did try again, and again and finally on my third time I was semi-successful.
FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Here's my question. Is there a way to print slower? And if so, will that make the model smoother and give it better detail?

I tried raising the temperature to 230, slowing the fan to 60% and slowing the feed rate to 90. It seemed to help a tiny bit.

I also printed a batarang and it came out OK. It seems a little brittle, I'm wondering if there's a way to have the lines print closer so the model is smoother and stronger?


Thanks for any advice, I'm happy to be here!!! :D

I attached pics of my settings for reference, thanks again for any advice.





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Metal Simple



Re: Metal Simple

Postby RetireeJay » 2015-Jun-Mon-19-Jun

Does a Simple really have a printable area of 200 X 200mm?

But that's not the issue with your prints.

It looks like you might have loose belts or pulleys, causing variability in the positioning of the nozzle.

Or maybe it's calibration. Have you checked your calibrations in X, Y, Z, and especially E?
Have you told your slicer the correct (measured) filament diameter?
For the calibration of E and measuring filament diameter, you might want to read through this thread: viewtopic.php?f=29&t=9930#p64511
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Re: Metal Simple

Postby IB3D » 2015-Jun-Mon-22-Jun

As Jay suggested you will eventually want to change the platform dimensions to 152 mm for X,Y,Z. With RepetierHost (Windows) print speed would be set prior to slicing. Open Slice Tab>configuration>then depending upon which slicer you use, change accordingly. If Slic3r be certain to save (blue Floppy Icon) any changes prior to toggling between configuration settings. Of the three slicing options available in RepetierHost, Slic3r produces the cleanest prints thus far in my case.


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