Date codes off?

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Date codes off?

Postby JasperJ » 2013-May-Tue-05-May

For some reason, all the dates shown next to posts as well as join dates seem to be displaying really weirdly for me. Is this a known issue?

For instance this post was posted at "2013-May-Tue-11-May"

It's May, it's Tuesday, but where the 11 May afterwards comes from? It is in fact may 14th and in my timezone it's 12:57.

Edit: Ah, I think I found it. The date format, for whatever reason, in my preferences was set to custom and something like Y-M-D-H-M. The problem with the double use of M is obvious. Setting it to one of the standard formats fixed my issue.
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Date codes off?



Re: Date codes off?

Postby 4volt » 2013-May-Thu-13-May

I also came over to post about this, but saw you already did.

It seems like the weird format this the forum default, and it shows up when I am not logged in.

I think what was intended was this format: Y-M-D H:m (note lowercase 'm' and punctuation)
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Re: Date codes off?

Postby Michael@Oz » 2013-May-Fri-14-May

Ditto. Was also logged off even tho I have logon auto set. Logged on & Date/Time was OK.
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Re: Date codes off?

Postby Richy_T » 2013-Jul-Tue-22-Jul

Forum dates are weird for me too. It's annoying as not only are they displaying funny, they're also wrong with later forum posts often having earlier dates than earlier forum posts. This makes it impossible to establish timelines for things that are happening (like in one thread, the date for the post of someone receiving their replacement board is dated earlier than the post where they were complaining about their issue).
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