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PostPosted: 2017-Feb-Thu-22-Feb
by Mooselake
I use Tapatalk on my Moto X Pure android phone (got the abandoned paid version for my Nexus 7 20<whatever>, and now have VIP status), and lately they've done a couple updates with major problems. Am I the only one that sees this?

A week or two ago they did an update that wouldn't log into the forum, refused my id/password every time. A few days later another update fixed it.

Today's update lost all my tapatalk login and after logging in my setup options, including putting back the Sent by Tapatalk signature that I don't care for. It did keep my monitored forums and id/passwords, at least. It shows posts up to early February as unread, and reading them leaves them unread. Fortunately it doesn't make the last 5 years all unread, just the last couple weeks.

Have they been putting out moose-adverse updates and it's just me, or is this a general problem?