Metal Plus Y Connector

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Metal Plus Y Connector

Postby mattvl » 2015-Apr-Tue-19-Apr

Does the assembled metal plus with heated bed come with a y connector, or is that only for the upgrade kit? I didn't get one with mine and don't see the connections for it. Also, Step 5 of the instructions shows a black connector going from the power supply (yellow/black wires) to the printer (red/black wires). The y cables have white connectors in the pictures, not black, and my power supply has a black I'm just wondering if they didn't actually forget it, but that it should only be for the upgrade kits...does anyone know?
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Metal Plus Y Connector



Re: Metal Plus Y Connector

Postby RetireeJay » 2015-Apr-Tue-21-Apr

The Rev D Printrboard came with a Y connector, but the Rev F board (which you almost certainly have) doesn't need it. The Rev F board has a 6-pin connector for incoming power. It is absolutely imperative that you use the 6-pin connector from your ATX power supply. It's possible to plug a 4-pin connector from the power supply into the 6-pin socket on the board, but that will damage the board and/or the power supply.
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