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Novice assembly notes: Simple metal kit with heated bed

PostPosted: 2015-Mar-Sat-20-Mar
by rcsplinters
I just completed assembly of my new simple metal kit and thought to pass along a couple of items. These items are quite minor but can eat a bit of time on the install or at least did for me. Also, my apologies for the inactive links, just replace the (dot) with a . . Apparently there is a minimum post requirement for links even to a Printrbot URL.

1. There is not one set of assembly instructions for the Simple Metal Kit with Heated Bed that I could find. I used these from help(dot)printrbot(dot)com/Guide/Printrbot+Metal+Simple+%28Model+1403%29+Rev+F+Printrboard/151 for most of the assembly and these: help(dot)printrbot(dot)com/Guide/Installing+Simple+Metal+Heat+Bed+Upgrade/147 for the heated bed. The latter are the upgrade instructions but they worked pretty well between the two of them.

2. With the heated bed, I do not believe you need the part included in Step 5. One of the ATX connectors is used instead. I found a note to this effect but took a bit of digging.

3. With the heated bed parts included with the kit, I'm quite sure that I received two copies of the left bed rail. This is the one with the slots for the x motion belt. The right one should have holes for the tension bracket for the x motion belt. This is not a huge issue as I'm quite sure Printrbot will ship me the proper part. If anyone from Printrbot reads, this, I might suggest that you put the slots on one end of the rail and tension bracket holes on the other end. That way, you just have to include two of the same part instead of one of each.

(Note: This issue has me temporarily dead in the water with alignment and calibration. I could just drill out the right side but I'm refraining in case Printrbot wants the duplicate part returned. I was able to complete the remainder of the build, however.)

4. Do label your wiring. Another suggestion I'd make is that Printrbot do this. Correctly identifying the extension cables was a process of elimination. After you snake them through the grommets, remembering which was which was tough.

5. I thought the following thread: help(dot)printrbot(dot)com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=3922 was very helpful in identifying the proper connector with a labled extension cabling. Expect some congestion with wiring. Not really a good way to do that neatly.

6. Best advice I can give is to take your time. Read ahead a few steps before you proceed with a given step. Compare your subassembly with the pictures in the instructions. In that respect, Printrbot did a good job as it does have a "legos" look and feel.

Otherwise I thought the build was pretty straight forward. Took a few hours, but I was also watching the basketball tournament. I'm anxious about powering up, but will wait for the replacement part from Printrbot. If I come across other items in power up and calibration, I'll share those.

Re: Novice assembly notes: Simple metal kit with heated bed

PostPosted: 2015-Apr-Fri-12-Apr
by the.ronin
rcsplinters, thanks for posting this. I just finished my upgrade yesterday and your post was helpful particular the two links. I jumped back and forth between them when it was time to assemble the bed.

The only other advice I'd give is make sure the nut orientation for the Z motor on the Y arm is correct. I had mine reversed and it would grind when homing in on Z and would not lower beyond say 2 inches or so above the bed. Once I reversed that nut, everything worked perfectly smoothly.

Re: Novice assembly notes: Simple metal kit with heated bed

PostPosted: 2015-Apr-Mon-21-Apr
by rcsplinters
Glad it was some help.

I was able to complete the assembly after receiving the replacement rail. Only other adventure I encountered was the printer driver. I thought it was bundled in the Cura package, but it is a separate install for windows 7. The YouTube videos were good for help with calibration of z axis and the probe. I've had pretty successful prints, though I think the default pla temp needs some fine tuning.

My next challenge is calibration of x, y and z dimensions. They aren't off too much, say .5 mm in 10, but I'd like to see if I can get them a bit closer.

Re: Novice assembly notes: Simple metal kit with heated bed

PostPosted: 2015-Apr-Sun-09-Apr
by strauch1

Very good post. Just got mine yesterday, and have just a couple of additions to your post:

1. The heated bed upgrade now includes the insulator. That addition is outlined here help(.)printrbot(.)com/Guide/Installing+Printrbot+Metal+Simple+Heated+Bed+Insulator+Installation/193
2. The heated bed with insulator ships with six M3-8 screws which are used to attach the wings to the bed, versus the original M3-6. I suspect this makes up for the delrin spacers used in the assembly. This is not obvious in any of the instructions, since the upgrade instructions assume you are reusing the original screws.

Good advice on reading several steps ahead, since weaving the original build, heated bed, and insulator installation instructions is what is needed given the current as-shipped configuration. For example, the heated bed instructions have you undo some assembly steps in the original build. The insulator instructions, in turn, have you undo some assembly steps in the heated bed instructions.

Re: Novice assembly notes: Simple metal kit with heated bed

PostPosted: 2016-Nov-Wed-12-Nov
by jmackniak
I have some tips to pay attention to as well

The end stop switches come in two different wire lengths (yellow/black). the 6" goes to the x axis and is one of the first steps to do with the build.

the bars for the bed and the y axis look the same but are different lengths. make sure you use the correct ones where needed

dont let the Z coupling rub the base as the axis rod spins.

Pay attention to the direction of the motor wires as you connect them to the board. some need to be turned 180