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PrintrBot PLUS Names and 4 letter Codes

Postby CL1 » 2012-Apr-Sun-03-Apr

Important note: As of Update 25, 18 May 2012, Brook has decided to change to a number instead of the 4 letters. The numbers have been arbitrarily chosen, with only a basic attention to their relation to any specific part. They apparently do break down by machine somewhat. Brook said he would post these new numbers to immedatiely after finishing the video update, But it appears he did not do so. If you find these, please point them out! I would suggest that we simply ADD the new numbers to the left of the current listing. That way both the legacy and the now-official numbers will be easily correlated. I will update this listing once Brook makes the new numbering available!

Here are the *official* PrintrBot + Laser Cut part names and 4 Letter codes as used at PBHQ:

QTY Code Name (Comment)
Base Assembly Parts
1 DEKP Deck Plus
1 FNTP Front Plus
1 RRLP Rear Plus
2 BSTR Base Stretcher (Shared with LC)
2 LRDC Lower Rod Support Plus (Larger Holes for 12mm vertical rods distinguish from similar LC part)
2 RDEP Rod End Plate (Shared with LC)
2 FOOT Foot (Shared with LC)
*1 ZLMT Z Limit Switch Spacer (shared with LC) (*part of COMS. If COMS is used, this part is not Kitted.)

Bridge Assembly Parts
1 XPLP X Plate Plus (Also called the Bridge, even though it is only the largest of many parts which make up the Bridge assembly.)
2 RSPL Rod Support Plus (Plain, without hole for inner support)
2 RSHP Rod Support Holed Plus (Square Hole for NSPC, Outer Rod Support)
2 NSPP Z Nut Support Plate Plus (Looks very similar to LC part. This has laser cut "+" to distinguish)
2 REPP Rod End Plate Plus (Has serpentine curve to hold upper rod)
2 CVRP Rod Support Cover Plus (4 rectangular holes. Similar LC part has two.)
1 DOGP Dogleg Plus (Left end of Carriage. Longer than similar LC part)
1 XMPL X Motor Plate (Shared with +)

1 COMS Common Small parts (One of these contains all the *marked parts. Kit Either this Or them.)
*1 SHOE Shoe (Shared with +.)(Part of COMS. If COMS is present, this part is not kitted.)
*1 XMPS X Motor Plate Support (Skinny cross-shaped stick. Triangle goes forward. Older part did not have triangle and was shorter. Length makes Nuttrap.)(Part of COMS. If COMS is present, this part is not kitted.)
*1 CROS Cross (Right End plate Upper spacer)(Part of COMS. If COMS is present, this part is not kitted.)
*1 CRSS Cross Support (Has hole for right NSPC. Right End plate Lower spacer.)(Part of COMS. If COMS is present, this part is not kitted.)
Note: The COMS part is cut to be one part with several pieces which can be snapped off. A kit may have EITHER 1 COMS or several equivalent loose parts.Most of the COMS pieces are used in the Bridge Assembly.

Carriage Assembly Parts
1 CRPP Carriage Plate Plus (Front Carriage Plate. Look similar to LC part. This Carriage Plate has 2 screw holes. Think *plus* 1hole.)
1 CRRP Carriage Rear Plus (Belt attachment)
1 CARP Carriage Rear Plus (Bearings, can use 2,3 or 4 linear bearings on carriage)
1 CRPL Carriage Right Plate Plus (Hole and boss for Y Endstop actuating screw)
1 CRLP Carriage Left Plate Plus
*2 WEDG Wedge (Belt tightening Wedge.)(Part of COMS. If COMS is present, this part is not kitted.)

Tool Assembly Parts (All shared with LC)
1 EXPL Extruder Plate (Shared with LC. May be used in future as General tool mount plate)
1 EXMT Extruder Mount (Shared with LC)
1 GUSS Gusset (Shared with LC. In newest both have wiring holes, oldest have no holes, Transition has one with hole, one without. Hole on left)

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