Printrbot Play Board; No ICSP Pins

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Printrbot Play Board; No ICSP Pins

Postby ktfergus » 2016-May-Thu-17-May

I ordered a new RevF board for my Play because I sheared off the fragile micro USB connector (more on that later). The PB website states that the new boards ship without ICSP pins (I didn't realize exactly what that meant until I went to swap boards). The old board in my Play has the pins, so I'm wondering do the new boards use a different connector, or do the bots now run without the ICSP? Can I just leave the wires which used to connect to the ICSP disconnected when I install the board, or do I have to solder in my own pins?

I'm not an electronics guy. From what I've read the ICSP has to do with programming the board, bootloading and a whole bunch of other jargon that's over my head.

Any enlightenment would be appreciated.

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Printrbot Play Board; No ICSP Pins



Re: Printrbot Play Board; No ICSP Pins

Postby sgibbers17 » 2016-May-Thu-20-May

No you don't have to solder anything, it will work just like your old one.

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Re: Printrbot Play Board; No ICSP Pins

Postby RetireeJay » 2016-May-Thu-20-May

The only time you would need the ICSP pins is if you totally bricked the firmware on your board. Then, the ICSP is a way to get into the firmware memory on the chip without ANY bootloader firmware working.
The Rev F board has the plated-through holes for the ICSP connector; they just don't install the connector. If you're handy, you can unsolder the one from your old board and install it on the new board. But if your time is worth anything, you might just as well buy a new header instead of unsoldering the old one because that's not a very easy job unless you have special tools.
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Re: Printrbot Play Board; No ICSP Pins

Postby ianadan » 2016-May-Fri-01-May

okay, now depending on your set up, you may need one pin, or at least to make some other workaround.

The Plays were, originally, fitted with the Ubis 13 hot end, that required a constant running fan to prevent heat creep up the hot end. In the Play, it's the top of the two fans.

It had one connection going to the hot end power and the other used the ICSP GND connection. Now you really need this fan, so you can either solder (or get someone to solder for you) one pin, or work another way to power the fan....

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