Printrbot Simple Metal with X axis upgrade problem

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Printrbot Simple Metal with X axis upgrade problem

Postby tomulinek » 2016-Jan-Tue-16-Jan

:arrow: Hi, I have upgraded Simple Metal with the new X axis upgrade As I have previous heated bed upgrade (with powerful PC power supply) I asked the support if I can use my previous original RED heating plate, or I have to buy the new GREEN one. The answer is that I can use the original one as it will fit.

:!: After circa two months (they have not the upgrade in stock + long shipping from USA to EU) I have got X axis upgrade after Xmas… and I realize that:
  • There are five mounting holes on the aluminium bed but only four on the RED heating plate. I can't fix it in the center, so there is a visible gap full of nonconducting air in the middle.
  • I can't mount the RED plate in original direction as the soldered connections are on the other side and there is no more the drilled hole in the bed for them. But the heating plate upside down can't generate enough heating I suppose.

:?: I have no answer if the RED plate REALLY fits the new X axis upgrade yet from Printrbot as their response time is around a week now. Please, has anybody used the RED plate from previous upgrade on the new aluminium heated bed from X axis upgrade?
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Printrbot Simple Metal Kit rev. F with original heated bed, X axis upgrade and E3D V6 hot end
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Printrbot Simple Metal with X axis upgrade problem



Re: Printrbot Simple Metal with X axis upgrade problem

Postby Some Printr Noob » 2016-Jan-Thu-20-Jan

The red heated bed is a relatively standard 6x6" heated build platform. The green one should be of the same dimension. I believe the difference is that the green heated bed doesn't come with a connector since the new Printrboards use screw terminals for heated bed power.
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