Building a Metal Plus 1508 - Dual Extruder

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Building a Metal Plus 1508 - Dual Extruder

Postby MichaelD33 » 2015-Aug-Sun-21-Aug

This will be a log of me assembling my printrbot metal plus 1504, which I got my hands on in kit form ;)

FIRST: I'll give a quick explanation:
My name is Michael,
I have build 4 printers other than the PB plus, and have owned 4 printers, not including the plus. I even started a 3D Printing Elective at my school.
I have built: PB Simple, PB 1308, LittleRP, and a Mini Kossel

I have already started but I will try to recap what I have done so far.
-------------------------- Day 1 Start ------------------------------------
    --------Unboxed the printer-----------
    --------Started out by following basic instructions for Printrbot Metal Plus 1412-----------
    --------Print bed linear rails were pre-attached-----------
    --------Assembled Y Belt Clip-----------
    --------Assembled Heated Bed and Head Shielding-----------
    --------Built Y Axis Belt Pulley and Attached NEMA motor-----------
    --------Attached Smooth Rods and Printrboard-----------
    --------Attached GT2 Belt-----------
    --------Assembled Y axis and X axis endstops-----------
    --------Assembled X axis linear rail-----------
    --------Attached X Motor and both Z bearings-----------
    --------Installed Z ACME Nuts-----------
----------------------- Day 1 End -----------------------
I had to stop since I couldn't find a few parts.
I ran out to the hardware store the next day to pick up some more M3 screws
----------------------- Day 2 Start ----------------------
    --------Switched to Dual Extruder assembly instructions-----------
    --------Attached the extruder cart to the X axis-----------
    --------Attached motors, hobbed gears, and v2 Alu Extruder-----------
    --------Attached hotends and induction sensor-----------
    --------Attach wire relief-----------
    --------Put on wire sleeving-----------
Can't figure out the dual extruder endstop setup, because when I move the carriage over, it doesn't hit the endstop. If anyone has any ideas why it doesn't hit, please tell me! Thanks!


----------------------- Day 2 End ----------------------

----------------------- Day 3 Start ----------------------

Unfortunately my computer broke the morning of the third day, so that was annoying and completely unexpected.
    --------The dual extruder/endstop issue was bothering me, so I proceeded with the final steps-----------
    --------Attached the X Plate to the base-----------
    --------Attached Z bar tops to the top plate of the printer-----------
    --------Wire management and printrboard connecting-----------
    --------Case assembly (I figured I could probably fix the endstop with the case on... I was wrong)-----------
    --------Printer complete!- almost-----------
At this point I contacted the printrbot guys regarding the printrbot dual extruder endstop issue
It turned out, I had installed the XZ plate on backwards, and I had to take the whole XZ plate and carriage assembly apart, which wasted a bunch of time. Instead of explaining it in detail, I will just say, it took a LONG time.

    --------Printer complete!-----------

I powered it up, and it seems to be working. Will upload photos ASAP.
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Building a Metal Plus 1508 - Dual Extruder



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