PrintrBot JR assembly instructions

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PrintrBot JR assembly instructions

Postby tammy » 2019-Mar-Sat-14-Mar

Does anyone perhaps have the PrintrBot JR assembly instructions? the file in the repository (mentioned in the post for Printrbot official documentation) for the JR does not want to open, it states that it's corrupted. Thanks!
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PrintrBot JR assembly instructions



Re: PrintrBot JR assembly instructions

Postby RetireeJay » 2019-Mar-Sun-16-Mar

Yeah, it comes up "corrupted" for me also. And Googling for the instructions pointed to a Dozuki page that no longer exists. Ouch. However, the manual for the Printrbot jr 1307 does load, and there probably are strong similarities, so it might help you.

I did find a site where Christian Kullander posted lots of photos of his assembly of a Junior, but not detailed instructions.

The Junior was actually a pretty early model of Printrbot, with a rather small print volume. It did not have a heated bed, so it could only print PLA ( At the time, the filament size called 3mm (actually 2.85mm) was more-or-less standard; now the home 3D printing industry has moved to 1.75mm filament. The 3mm is still available, but there's more variety available in 1.75.

To be honest, the Junior is virtually an "antique" in the 3D printing world; if you want to spend time bringing one (back?) to life for the thrill of having a working pioneer device in your hands, then go for it. But you can get larger print volumes, better quality, and more filament selection at very reasonable prices these days. Unfortunately, not from Printrbot. :cry:
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Re: PrintrBot JR assembly instructions

Postby olendorf » 2019-Apr-Mon-05-Apr

Here is a google drive link to the Legacy Printrbot docs. I hope that works.

I would take a copy of any files you need since you never know when these will be deleted. ... sp=sharing
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