for sale_ HE3D prusa i3 printer

Re: for sale_ HE3D prusa i3 printer

Postby Mooselake » 2017-May-Thu-10-May

Wendy is one of our long-term infrequent advertisers, our resident self-described beachgoing "cute chinese girl". While she had some problems in the past she's been very good about following the rules and is welcome here. We had a poll about this and similar advertising a couple years back and the forum members decided this is acceptable use.

This is a very interesting printer, wonder how well it works. Just a few years back $200 would get you a particle board missing/defective part/unusable QU-BD One Up (not to mention two Peachies or a Tiko...),today there's some pretty decent printers in this price range. Just look at the Monoprice Mini or their new Delta, for example. If anybody buys or sees one please comment. Too many printers and projects in the Mooselab, although if they send me an evaluation unit I'll take a look at it.

A bit of snow passed through the Mooselake area today, although it stayed in the "higher elevations" (that means a couple hundred feet, not LA area mountains) west of here. Not a lot of beachgoing here today unless it involves a raincoat and multiple layers. 71 Tuesday, snow today...

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