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Incomplete interior openings in first layer

PostPosted: 2018-Apr-Sat-16-Apr
by mattvl
So my printer is working pretty well overall, but I've been having trouble with first layer perimeters, or more specifically interior openings. What I mean by that is let's say you use the test cube model, but put a vertical hole through the center. When my printer (Printrbot Metal Plus) tries to draw the inside of that hole on the first layer, it either goes around once and then bumps into the portion it started at, or simply doesn't print a complete circle and just leaves a space between the start and then end. I've been able to get around this by using rafts, with marginal success at best. I've tried a number of fixes, but so far no luck.

Any ideas?

Re: Incomplete interior openings in first layer

PostPosted: 2018-Apr-Sat-18-Apr
by RetireeJay
It would help if you posted a picture. You do that by clicking on the "Upload attachment" tab below the editing box. After uploading the picture, then click the button to display it inline.

Re: Incomplete interior openings in first layer

PostPosted: 2018-Apr-Mon-14-Apr
by ktfergus
Circles on the first layer are tricky, I had trouble with them until I installed a heated bed. You could try adjusting your z offset. Getting the first layer smushed down always helps. Another work around I tried was simply to design each hole to end 0.3mm shy of going completely thru the part. The first layer would be completely solid & the holes started on the second. Then I would bore out the hole to remove the layer of filament.