Ever-lasting adhesion problems

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Ever-lasting adhesion problems

Postby alberto2000 » 2018-Feb-Mon-07-Feb

For the love of god I just can't get adhesion to work on my Simple Metal with heated bed.

PLA, 200C UBIS metsl hotend, 60C heated bed, paper glue or hair spray, the same

How can I get this right?

This is what always happens:

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Ever-lasting adhesion problems



Re: Ever-lasting adhesion problems

Postby RetireeJay » 2018-Feb-Mon-07-Feb

Adjust the clearance between the nozzle and the bed up or down (probably down). Move in increments of 0.02mm until you get good results.

If the clearance is too small, you'll get plastic squished out beyond the perimeter of the nozzle, resulting in ridges like a plowed field. If it's way too small, the nozzle is blocked and no plastic comes out. If the clearance is too big, the traces are not well squished to the bed and won't adhere well.

Also, good adhesion absolutely depends on starting with a clean bed. Use water and alcohol to get it perfectly clean, then add fresh glue stick. Glue stick (or hair spray, etc) that's been on the bed for a month won't have much sticking power. Blue painter's tape can work without glue stick added, as long as it's clean.

Have you ever had good results with this particular filament? It's possible for a filament to be poor quality for 3D printing.

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