Possible over extrusion?

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Possible over extrusion?

Postby Zerkest » 2016-Jul-Fri-10-Jul

I've had my printrbot simple metal heated bed for about two weeks now and I've had a lot of good prints doing the Dragonlock tiles.

I've recently started printing other random things and I'm noticing that smooth surfaces sometimes have filament droop or bulbs on them. Attached are photos of a charmander I printed yesterday.

This was printed at .15 layer, .8 top/bottom, .8 shell, 50 mm/s speed, 15% infill, using eSUN PLA PRO + Red Filament (amazon). Temperatures were 65 for the bed and 205 for the filament.
I am using CURA for the slicer.

Any recommendations on perfecting this print, or what the actual issue is here?

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Possible over extrusion?



Re: Possible over extrusion?

Postby Ekin » 2016-Aug-Sun-12-Aug

Hello Zerkest

I don't have simple metal, I have play. But,
I am not sure that it is over-extrusion. I have seen something almost exactly as you have when I was messing up with my cooling fan (I was trying different fan shrouds and some of them were very ineffective. See here


There is no difference between them other than the cooling fan setup.

Maybe what you see is really caused by some residual heat.
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