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Scope hook

Postby Jack Crow » 2018-Nov-Fri-09-Nov

Hi all,
Had some major changes in life style in the last few months.

The 'day job' ended in May of this year.

Took a contract job here in Overland Park Kansas. I like Kansas, lots of good people and things to eat namely BBQ

Since then I have been solving issues for them. Some tech, and some involve our topic here.

One of the guys had a good idea, using a big screw in 'hook' to hang a small scope from.
I took that and adapted it to a more useful product.

Call it a 'scope hook' it suspends a small instrument from an under shelf position. What the photos do not show is a 'pivot disk' that allows the unit to twist in order to make viewing the instrument easier.

This first photo is of the old hook and the new hook. As viewed edge on.
On the back of the new hook you can see some bolts I used for preventing 'back swing' when the instrument is adjusted, it leans backwards a touch, the bolts travel limit that. Thinking of going to the hardware store and getting some fancy fasteners like the type we use for adjustable feet on tables and chairs. Nylon on the face, then some pivot ability. All attached to a threaded rod.


This is the front view. See how the instrument grab handle fits into the J of the hook.
Above and to the center about where we can't see is the pivot.

Like any project there will be little tweaks and improvements.
Have an idea how to get the scope grab handle to better fit the hook. Some lightening holes to save on plastic use.
Even the early rev's have found a use, the guys at the shop converted them to cable holders.

This is one of several projects.

Keep it sane
Jack Crow
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Scope hook



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