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First eSun PETG print

PostPosted: 2018-May-Wed-20-May
by ChefScott
Have not really done much with my printer in a while, but my son had me print out some adapters for different lenses for his HTC Vive (no z banding at that point it time) and that got me printing again with my modded Printrbot 1405. I decided to finally give PETG a try and it turned out really good.



Sliced the model from Thingiverse (thing:2376777) with MatterControl and printed the g-code from Octopi. Used glue stick on the heated bed. Printed with a bed temp of 80c and E3D v6 at 245c.

The covers I made for my power supplies (one for the printer and one for the bed) have horrible z banding. It perfectly matches my lead screw, but for those it does not really matter.