Ham radio bracket parts

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Ham radio bracket parts

Postby Jack Crow » 2018-Apr-Sun-09-Apr

Hi all,
Have another project along the lines of 'dis satisfied with the way things were.
With the tools was able to make an improved bracket to keep my ham radio from sliding around on this tray I use in the shack.

So this first view is the steel bracket the radio came with, and my printed bracket.
Little details.
Note the 'step' in the plastic part. That notches well with the steel bracket.
Handy in use and for measurements.
One of the things I found out was the holes and channels in the steel bracket are not symmetrical.

4-15-2018 002.JPG

This is the flip side.

4-15-2018 004.JPG

Using way too many screws and too large screws considering the mass of things involved.
AKA over kill.
Or if it's worth doing, it's worth over doing.
4-15-2018 005.JPG

This is a detail of the capture bar on the front.
This is a second part is attached via 4-40 hex cap screws and is notched to fit in the tray I use on the bench.
4-15-2018 008.JPG

Now we are looking at the side view.
You can also see the post near the front.
Over time I have discovered that no ham radio stays properly 'put' in it's bracket.
We have steel screws and a steel bracket. But the chassis is made from cast aluminum.
So if we use enough force to keep everything in place, it chews up the threads in the chassis.
If we just make things snug, over time the radios tend to droop in one direction or another.
Silly but true. So that is what the post is for.
Wanted to keep the radio from tipping over time.
So this segment became a travel stop.
4-15-2018 011.JPG

Again with the post and the capture bar.
4-15-2018 012.JPG

What it all looks like in place and lit up.
You can see how the capture bar notches onto the mounting tray preventing forward and back movement.
There are some hardware store rubber feet on the back to keep the item from sliding left or right.
4-15-2018 018.JPG

This project was a success and will serve well.

Keep it safe
Jack Crow
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Ham radio bracket parts



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