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Making radio parts

PostPosted: 2018-Mar-Tue-18-Mar
by Jack Crow
Hi all,
Sometimes at work you have to fix items even if OEM parts can no longer be had.

In this case a battery terminal failed.

Not sure what the proper name for these things are, so I call them "push pins".
You find them on some two way radio power connectors, and bed of nails circuit board testers.

Anyhow, the OEM part the spring got weak. It's also not available in the US or Japan.
That caused intermittent battery connections.

The part we could get was much smaller. Same kind of pin, but not as tall.

This was a project that called out for 3d printing.

Used the printer to make a small standoff.

3-13-2018 001.JPG

Let's take a look at the above photo.
The OEM part is on the left.
It's about the size of a pencil eraser.
It's made by injection molding.

The part I have is on the right. Clearly not as tall.

The center is the 3d printed seat for the push pin on the left.

The second photo is of the base side.
So the OEM part on the left clearly shows a pin for soldering to the circuit board.

The one on the right has a pin that is too short.

The center, it's pin will need to be extended.

Not a bad mod to make for parts that have become 'un obtainium'.

Keep it safe
Jack Crow in Virginia Beach.

Re: Making radio parts

PostPosted: 2018-Mar-Wed-18-Mar
by Jack Crow
Hi all
Some follow ups.

Finished this project.
Installed the modified part today.

It worked. Now headed back to the client.

Used the phone to take these photos at the day job.
What the new part looks like in postion.

The OEM part is in position.
In the background is the printed adapter and the push pin I could get.

With the pin extended.

With the pin pressed in, proving it works.

It worked fairly well.

With the tools of 3D printing we can defeat the evil demons of planned obsolesce.

Jack Crow