Music instrument tuner holder

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Music instrument tuner holder

Postby Jack Crow » 2017-Dec-Sat-10-Dec

Hi all,
Been on a trend with these various portable instrument holders.

There is a dude up the block from where I work that repairs music gear.
He has the same issue I do with portable instruments.
In this case the tuner is a tall, narrow device with nill footprint.
You look at it sideways and it falls over.

So this is what I came up with.
The base and pivot have been recycled.
Been using this for a while with good results on the DMM's and frequency counter.

Couple of points.
The Right Angle bracket is from the local hardware store.
Some are 2.5 inches and others are 3 inches.
Some have inline holes, and others have holes offset to keep wood from splintering.
So now I have two designs for the plastic part that covers the angle bracket.

I also repeated the 'bolt pattern' on the lower plastic part.
Used 10mm square pattern down the length of the part.

12-9-2017 008.JPG

This is the instrument holder it's self.
The Tuner is a fairly tall but narrow box.
Slides in from the top.
12-9-2017 010.JPG

This is the unit built up.
The pivot is installed in the base of the unit.
12-9-2017 011.JPG

The fully built up unit.
12-9-2017 014.JPG

That is the project of the day.

It will be delivered Monday to the client.

More when I know more.

Jack Crow aka Radio Mike in VB
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Music instrument tuner holder



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