Making use of portable equipment

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Making use of portable equipment

Postby Jack Crow » 2017-Nov-Sat-14-Nov

Hi all,
Been having an issue with less than useful portable instruments and equipment on the work bench.
They are intended to be handy in the field or a tool box.
Not so much at a fixed location.

This first photo shows you a hand held frequency counter and how I had it mounted on my bench.
The before photo if you will.

A little plastic clamp holds the antenna, and a right angle bracket is what the counter rested upon.
11-4-2017 001.JPG

It's clunky.
I can do better.

Made a 'cup' that the counter sat in.
Inside the cup I made a rotation disk that is bolted to a base that fits over the angle bracket.

11-4-2017 005.JPG

Rotation disk
11-4-2017 006.JPG

Then that disk is attached to the base. This base rests upon the angle bracket.

This last photo is the finished project.

11-4-2017 013.JPG

This project went a long way to eliminate the limits of improvised mounting of portable instruments.
The rotation disk and the mount make a stiff joint that will keep the frequency counter from rotating.
The counter it's self is a snug fit into the cup.

Thinking about other similar brackets and mountings.
For example, hand held radios and police scanners.
Little gadgets used on the bench. Scope probe holders. All mannor of small useful items.

In their intended environment they are great, on the desk, not so much. Radios tend to flop over.

Same for digital multi meters.
Seems no mater what I do, the Fluke 77 is never in exactly the right location.

A project for another day.

Keep it safe
Jack Crow in Virginia Beach
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Making use of portable equipment



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